The warranty period is prescribed by law and means that the seller is liable for defects that existed at the time of sale but that became evident only later. In the case of used cars this is restricted to material defects; in the case of new cars it covers both material defects and consumable parts.

The warranty period is two years and commences upon the date of delivery. In case of doubt, the date of the sales contract is applicable. In the case of a used car, a dealer may reduce the warranty period to one year, but this must be done in agreement with the buyer and expressly noted in the sales contact. The dealer may not refuse to provide a warranty.

In the case of a sale between two private parties, it is possible to exclude a warranty, but this must be expressly noted in the sales contract. The following wording may be used: "Buyer and seller agree that no warranty claims may be made".

The prescribed legal remedies for warranty claims are initially repair or exchange; exchange is possible only if repair proves impossible. In this case the sales contract is rescinded, meaning that the car is returned to the seller, who refunds the purchase price minus an appropriate compensation based on the number of kilometres driven.

This is a voluntary contractual agreement between the seller and the buyer. Defects that occur during the guarantee period and are included in the conditions of guarantee will be repaired free of charge. The guarantee is provided by the manufacturer or general importer.